• Time Machine Poetry
    • sophomores put their Master Poetry techniques to work by writing an analysis of H. G. Wells's The Time Machine and applying his strategy to a contemporary problem.

British Literature:
Austen's End of the Marking Period essay:
Gawain papers

American Literature:
A Puritan paper
Huck Finn: 2 great in-class essays

From the past...
American Literature
British Literature
11th graders used wikispaces collaboratively: www.grandgrammarnotes.wikispaces.com
  • to create a grammar handbook and
  • to work on a small group assignment

11th graders published graphic comics on www.flickr.com

10th graders worked with a partner to research and present details from the novel Regeneration: www.regeneration.wikispaces.com

9th graders published:
  • original short stories, then read and commented on each other's work: www.urbanlegends.wikispaces.com
  • submitted essays on their personal heroes to www.myhero.com. Search "Fredericksburg" to see their submissions. (Essays listed at the top were selected as featured articles on the homepage of this site.)